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TV Doctors Featured (besides Lisa):
Alan Alda from M.A.S.H.
Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy
Donald Faison from Scrubs
Noah Wyle from ER

Press Release from Cigna about the commercials
Watch Behind-the-Scenes videos from the commercials
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#16. Lisa Edelstein of House.

Link goes to #16, but you can click backwards or forwards to see the rest of the slideshow.
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SpoilerTV Poll

If you were sick, which hospital would you like to go?
Princeton Plainsboro was listed as one of the choices.
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Hugh Laurie retweeted this!

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More interviews with Shore, Weston, and Stephen Mangan )

I've only watched the first episode but I really liked it. Has anyone else here seen it and if so, what did you think?
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According to TVLine/SpoilerTV, Bravo has renewed The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce for three more seasons.
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David left the project and is being replaced by Graham Yost.

Info from Deadline dot com (Livejournal won't let me embed the link).

Here's info from a different source.
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7. She cringes at some of her work on FOX's House, which she starred in for five seasons.

"I was on House for years...we did so many of them, and it was like such hard work for so long, and I think I got lazy," said Wilde, whose role required her to memorize lots of difficult medical jargon. "...You can get so wrapped up in memorizing that dialogue that you forget to act, you're just reciting. So that's what I catch myself doing. I'll see it on at like the gym or the airport or something, and I'm like, 'oh my god.' I'm literally just clinging to the dialogue. You can see my eyes like twitching."

The entire interview is at Hitfix. (At least I think it's the entire interview. Interesting info about her Tron character and also her experience as an assistant to casting director Mali Finn.


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