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Chance Season 2 Promo and The Good Doctor Promo

Good Doctor-1x1 Press Release. The first episode is written by Shore.

Chance Season 2-Promo Video (Promo won't embed. Sorry).
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House Writers/Directors Update

I'm only posting updates for the ones that I could find for this year. If they're not listed here, it's because I couldn't find anything recent. The majority of House writers worked on projects last year. *I didn't check all the writers and directors, just the ones that most people would be interested in (i.e. the ones that wrote or directed the most episodes or had a twitter presence).

David Shore
The Good Doctor

Greg Yaitanes
Manhunt: Unabomber. Upcoming Projects: Red Mars (as director) and Micronesian Blues (as director)

Paul Attanasio
Bull-tv series (as writer/executive producer). Next project is "Untitled Paul Attanasio Project"for CBS. (see SpoilerTV's 2018 Pilot spreadsheet). Currently in redevelopment.

Lawrence Kaplow
Writer/Producer for Chicago Fire spin-off, Chicago Justice.

David Foster
Writer for tv series Scorpion

Thomas Moran and Liz Friedman
Both writers for the now-cancelled tv series Conviction

David Hoselton
Writer for tv series Bull

John Mankiewicz
Writer for House of Cards

The Directors )
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Odette Annable, Charlyne Yi and Others (aka Sela Ward, Anne Dudek)

Odette Annable
Odette Talks About Playing Reign on Supergirl-SDCC (link to video interview at source). And another SDCC interview

Supergirl cast together on set (video) and another on set vid

Supergirl SDCC panel

Odette is on Instagram and Twitter.

Charlyne Yi
Has been doing a lot of voice acting (Stevens Universe, We Bare Bears).
She is currently working on Next Gen, an animated film.

Danger and Eggs SDCC Comic Con Panel
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Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde and Kal Penn News

Peter Jacobson

The Official SDCC Colony Podcast-The Cast of Colony talk about season 2 and season 3-audio interview.

Peter will appear on in the season 19 premiere of Law & Order: SVU. It will air on September 27th. According to EW: The next season of SVU will feature the return of Peter Jacobson as well as Amy Smart making a guest starring spot as one of Byron's alleged victims.

Olivia Wilde
W magazine interview

Stars in the short film Daytime Noon.

Kal Penn is currently starring in Designated Survivor on ABC. I couldn't find anything that featured Kal in the new promos.
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Jennifer Morrison News

JMO will be starring in the movie, Back Roads along with Alex Pettyfer and Juliette Lewis. Source: Deadline.

JMO at the premiere of Tulip Fever. (Pics)
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Lisa Edelstein News

Short EW article with the video interview.- EW interview where LE talks about House and Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. (Sorry, video wouldn't embed).

Audio interview where she talks about House and The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce

Why Lisa Edelstein Hates Faking Orgasms on TV-video interview

Lisa wrote an article about being a stepmom
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Omar Epps News

TVLine's Performance of the Week (Honorable Mention):

HONORABLE MENTION | Shooter‘s Omar Epps pulled off quite a feat this week by making us feel for Isaac Johnson, whose turncoat behavior in Season 1 upended fellow Marine Bob Lee Swagger’s life. Likening his lapse in judgement to the tiniest distraction that can make a sniper miss his target by 100 yards, Isaac admitted, “I made a series of mistakes, man,” the murder of Donny Fenn’s mom included. “I think about it every day. I’m never gonna be on the right side of it,” he went on, shaking his head in shame (before managing to rationalize how that kill was compassionate compared to what Jack Payne had planned). “I’m not looking for redemption, Bob Lee,” Isaac concluded. “I am what I am.” And because of Epps’ engaging performance, what he is is, if not forgiven, at least understood.

Video interview with Omar

Interview with Tech Advisor Steve Seapker mentions Omar.

The movie, Traffik, will open on April 27, 2018. Source: Deadline
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The Good Doctor Video Promo and Early Reviews

Early Review from SpoilerTV: You can also vote in their poll (at the link):

THE GOOD DOCTOR (Average SpoilerTV Pilot Rating: 8.08; Chosen by Abi, Angela, Jaz, Laura, Marko, Saloni). Premiere: September 25, 2017

THE GOOD DOCTOR, created by Daniel Dae Kim and David Shore, follows Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome at the pediatric department of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. There he uses his talents to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues, while guided by his mentor, Aaron Glassman (Emmy winner Richard Schiff).

Based off the acclaimed, short-lived South Korean medical drama of the same name, created by David Shore (House), starring Freddie Highmore, fresh off his revered portrayal of Norman Bates in Bates Motel, and veteran actor Richard Schiff, The Good Doctor has all the makings of a hit.

What Does the Team Have to Say About the Pilot?

"My FAVORITE pilot so far. It's got to be this season's breakout show. Freddie Highmore is an amazing lead who I already feel a connection with. He made me laugh and cry with him and not at him which is a step up in terms of Autism representation. This is going to be one of my favorite shows" - Jaz

"Simply beautiful. This may be my new favourite show this year!" - Tyler

"A flawed pilot with great potential. Freddie Highmore was freaking brilliant." - Marko Pekic

"Highmore is an absolute star and does so much within the confines of his character. The 7 rating is in regards to an array of clunky dialogue that plagues many of the other characters and some really ridiculously contrived situations. There is strong potential here as long as the show can tighten up its dialogue and character development. I do recommend giving this one at least a trial place on your Fall schedule." - Aimee

Needing help finding old interviews with RSL

Can someone please help us find the video clips/articles? I already did some research but ended up empty handed.
Recently we had discussions regarding House MD on Twitter.
Now we are looking for the original sources to the following statements:

RSL once said that Lisa Edelstein couldn't act tired if she stayed up for three days.

And this one

Thank you in advance.
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The Good Doctor Promos, Featurette, Interviews with Cast

Click on the '' link to see the 15 second clip "Meet Doctor Shaun Murphy" on twitter.

More Promos and 1 Poster )
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Shooter Season 2 Promo Pics of Omar

There are more promo pics of Omar for each episode at the source, but I'm lazy.

Shooter-Promo Pic 2x1

More Promo Pics )

How House Paved the Way for the TV's Uncharming Leading Men

"Five years after its series finale, the family behind what was once the most popular show in the world share their adoration for Hugh Laurie, the show’s one regret, and the storyline for the ninth season that never was. ..."

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Mod Announcement

Due to Livejournal's new policies, this is the new home of House/Wilson Off-Topic.

The House/Wilson Livejournal community (aka "Grabbing His Cane") is now on Dreamwidth along with the House/Wilson Requests and Recs Livejournal community.

Please make yourself at home.

House/Wilson (Grabbing His Cane)
House/Wilson Requests and Recs

Actors Cast in David Shore and Daniel Dae Kim's Good Doctor Series

Article: Variety

Antonia Thomas was cast as the female lead "Claire Browne, a strong-willed, caring and talented doctor who forms a special connection with Shaun while wrestling her own challenges."
Source: Deadline—article from deadline from 2017/02/

SpoilerTV Pilot Watch